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There have been previous correspondence sent home with regards to not sending in birthday or holiday treats with your child, in order to avoid issues with allergies and to stay in compliance with our district's wellness policy. We have also suggested that you send in something non-edible to pass out (such as pencils, erasers, or other small items) if you want your child's class to be part of celebrating their birthday. At a recent PTA meeting it was suggested that parents would rather get something for the class to use (either games/toys/crafts for inside recess, a book or puzzle, etc.) at school. It was proposed that each teacher come up with a class "wish list" that parents could view. This way, parents could get an idea from the teachers of what would be useful in their classroom (what works for a 1st grade class might not be the same in a 5th grade class).

We have developed this wiki page so that you, the parent, can visit your teacher's page and see what items would be appropriate. Please remember, this is not a requirement and teachers are not asking you to buy these items for their class. It is an option we are offering as an alternative to celebrating your child's birthday with food, or other treat bags. Teachers will also update the list with personal "thank yous" to those students who have donated to the class. In this fashion, parents/students will be honored for their generosity, and other parents/students will know what has already been donated.

Thank you for visiting our wiki, and I hope you and your child have a wonderful school year!

McClellan Elementary Staff

Getting Started

  • On the left hand side of the screen there is tab that says All Pages. If you click on the tab that says all pages you will find your child's teacher.
  • Click on the teacher's name to go to their "wish list".